[Part 1] From Consilium Spokesperson to Fugitive

Since the arrival of MediCorp in May 3304 in Kalak, our journal has launched an investigative unit to try to paint a complete and as objective picture as possible of this non-governmental organization that has transformed our system in such a short time. While there is no question of questioning the legitimacy and effectiveness of MediCorp’s humanitarian and rescue actions, it seemed essential to us to investigate and report to the public what we have discovered. Such is our role, our responsibility.

This comprehensive investigation was conducted by our reporter, Iris THAUMAS. Here it is, presented to the public.

The investigation is offered in 3 parts:

Part 1: Alvinia de Messalina: From Spokesperson of the Consilium to Fugitive
Part 2: The Horde and the Establishment of MediCorp
Part 3: The Lab, Kaminska de Messalina, and Conclusions

Each part of the investigation is documented and refers to the references that you will find at the end of the article.

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At the outset, the question seems simple: is there a connection between Alvinia de Messalina, MediCorp, and this mysterious Lab? The answer, however, is far from simple, and it took our team over 2 years of investigation and research in Kalak, Munflay, and HIP 16813 to uncover some links. Without further ado, we can assure you, based on what we have discovered, that there is indeed an unbreakable connection between all these protagonists and organizations.

And to prove it, we will have to go back in time.


The story begins on Crevit, where Alvinia is born on Mount Messalina, her destiny seemingly mapped out from birth. Her father, deeply involved in the Black Birds Consilium, will stop at nothing to ensure that ADM (Alvinia de Messalina) one day takes the reins of this authoritarian and shadowy organization. A book, available for free consultation at the end of the article, recounts her youth up to her rise to power (63 pages, in french).

The Mark of the Consilium

When ADM took on the role of Spokesperson (which is undoubtedly a title with a role more extensive than that), in January 3301, she was an implacable woman wielding an iron fist and ruling with an iron hand over a dictatorship in the making in the Munfayl system. She participated in the resurgence of the infamous Black Birds Squadron, a gathering of mercenaries ready to do anything, even the worst. Their motto: crush any opposition, especially when it comes to the Thargoids. We will later delve into ADM’s secret relationship with the leader of this squadron, father of Kaminska de Messalina and high-ranking member of the Horde.

The faction’s ascent was meteoric, and soon Munfayl fell under the control of the Consilium, ruling there with authority and without opposition. The Consilium expanded and encountered its first difficulty in March 3302 at GD-1192. In this system, strong opposition confronted the Consilium, and violent conflicts erupted.

GD-1192 and its consequences

It was then that a group of insurgents in the GD-1192 system undertook the unthinkable: they kidnapped the spokesperson of Messalina. Alvinia was thus held captive until May 3302 when an operation (Operation “Last Breath”) was launched to extract the leader of the Consilium, who was in critical condition. Alvinia was rescued (see the article by our colleagues at Vox Veritas) but left blinded and poisoned (see the news from Vox Veritas dated May 25, 3302).

Although the BBC (Black Birds Consilium) spared no expense to graft new eyes onto her (transgenic eyes used by Consilium spies: the Eye), and despite what may have been announced at the time, Alvinia was never cured, and the poison would likely continue to corrode her until her death on November 24, 3305. This poison undoubtedly influenced many future decisions and served as a driving force behind Project Demeter, which we will discuss later.

The Gidh Case…

Things, especially following the abduction, are becoming increasingly complex with the Consilium. But following GD-1192, it seems that Alvinia was informed (no doubt thanks to her personal spies) of certain occult affairs of the Consilium, notably the Gidh Case, which has remained forgotten to this day.

In January 3302, the founder of GIG (Gidh Industrial Genetics) was assassinated (Vox Veritas news) plunging the Crevit system into confusion. The investigation will undoubtedly be conducted by the Consilium, although unofficially. This “convenient” investigation will undoubtedly serve as an additional lever, both politically and security-wise, to annex the Crevit system shortly thereafter, the birthplace of the de Messalina family.

According to our information, this assassination is intimately linked to the disappearance of children, likely for genetic research (see Vox Veritas article). We have not been able to trace the trail further, as the archives have been sealed by the Consilium. But it now appears absolutely certain that Gidh was a member of the “hard” branch of the Consilium who must have made the mistake, at some point, of blowing his cover, thereby signing his death warrant.

…. and the double face of the Consilium

If it is difficult for us today to prove the entirety of the hypotheses of our investigative work, we can nevertheless assert without a doubt that the Consilium is an organization with two faces, the two sides of the same coin. One branch is rather political and oriented towards science (notably with its infamous LARA laboratory), while the other is dedicated to much darker experiments and whose energy is fully devoted to the pursuit of money in the fight against the Thargoids. Initially, Alvinia did not seem to know the extent of the tentacular secret organization, whose rites are imbued with chivalrous mysticism of another era and immense paranoia.

We have found several documents, including these organizational charts highlighting the complexity of the disturbed mind that founded this organization. This unique piece comes from documents discovered aboard the Orichalque, the flagship of Alvinia de Messalina’s Horde. Therefore, it is an authentic document.
The findings are frightening. The Consilium controls absolutely everything: the media (Vox Vertias), politics and diplomacy (BBC), security (the Black Phalanx, the Squadron, the Black Order, etc.), research (LARA), intelligence networks (the Eye Division, Raven), training (DISC), and alien “affairs” (Cerberus Protocol & LARA, Laboratory for Alien Analysis and Research).

Nothing is left to chance, and everything seems sufficiently complex that no one can make sense of it.

But the most worrying aspect is that all of this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. While it seems relatively possible to map out this Consilium, the hidden face is practically invisible.

According to one of our sources: this second Consilium would have an ancient origin, likely predating the current BBC. It now seems perfectly plausible that the “Green Zebras” mentioned in an ancient account (read the story), who destroyed Samson several centuries ago, were this unknown branch of the BBC. The Green Zebras themselves would have sacrificed the Black Birds Squadron, which had become too popular and public.

From there, it is only a small step to conclude that the Green Zebras are still in the shadow of the BBC today and that Alvinia discovered it.

ADM’s Escape

The First part sheds light on the complexity and occultism still displayed by the Consilium today. At Kalaktic, we are aware of the danger posed by the dissemination of this information, but it seems necessary to conceal nothing.

One thing seems certain to date: Alvinia de Messalina’s death, murdered in front of the Samson station in Munfayl, clearly proves that the former spokesperson of the BBC had uncovered several secrets: about Gidh to start with, but also in the context of a mysterious Sorek report, linked to the Thargoids.

It is undoubtedly these two elements, at least, that prompted her departure from the Consilium, which we will discuss in the second part of our investigation.

Iris THAUMAS – Le Kalaktic.


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